Saving views on YouTube

29.09.2019 15:01

Saving views on YouTube

Saving views is the time during which users watch videos on video hosting sites, including Youtube. This is the percentage that determines the average time a user spends on watching a particular video. The higher the score, the more Youtube finds the video more interesting. Search engines prioritize various videos with the greatest delay compared to their potential competitors. The experience of the “Top 4 SMM” company specialists allows guaranteeing Retention views with a high delay - for the best positions in the search results. This approach inspires confidence in the best coverage of the target audience, with a return on investment in advertising and promotion.

In the work, the company of professionals relies on a number of effective and safe principles that have been tested in practice. The company knows the key factors in the work of leading and fairly well-known video hosting companies that prevent the detection of fraudulent factors. The company offers a wrapper that will be viewed on YouTube as ordinary "live" views of ordinary people and instagram users. How do search engines identify competing videos? In fact, the principle is simple - video hosting itself analyzes the description and keywords in the video settings. Then he searches for a video with similar text descriptions, keywords - the result is a general list of competitors.

After that, YouTube determines the hierarchy of competitors who will be in what places. This ranking is based on fairly simple filters that sort the list of competitors by the output.

  • 1. Keyword relevance metric for the description and title of the video.
  • 2. A list of videos has been compiled, which is characterized by the maximum preservation of views.
  • 3. A list of videos with the maximum number of views is created.
  • 4. The list of videos is formed with the maximum number of comments, likes by published comments.
  • 5. Compiled a list of videos with the maximum number of likes and dislikes.
  • 6. A list of videos is generated with the maximum number of reposts on the social network and adding users to favorites.

The analyzer calculates weights for this list of clips. To calculate them, it is supposed to take into account the importance of each of these indicators. Based on this information, search results will be generated at the user's request. It is important to consider this - in their work, video hosting is guided, first of all, by retention.

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